Leadership Team

Pastor Michael & Amanda Montgomery

Lead Pastors

Pastor Michael and Amanda love people and have a heart to reach the lost, unchurched and de-churched. Called as church planters with 20+ years of experience in ministry, they are the founding pastors of Pursue Life Church. Their mission is to love people unconditionally and lead them to life in Christ. Their heart is to connect people in life-giving relationships with Jesus and fellow followers. They accomplish this through relevance, evangelism, community, discipleship, and serving in every way with excellence.

Tristan and Holly Montgomery

Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor Tristan leads the ministry team in the establishment and ongoing direction of ministries, as well as, supports the lead Pastor in the fulfillment of the church's mission. Pastor Tristan also serves as a facilitator and facilitator coach of our Relational Discipleship Circles (small groups). His wife, Holly, serves as a singer on our worship team and as a teacher in our special needs ministry.

Leighton and Tori Stacey

Associate Pastor and Church Administrator

Associate Pastor Leighton is our Connection Pastor and is responsible for ensuring that people are connecting, building healthy community, and growing our small group ministry. He serves as the leader of our Next Steps Team. Tori is our Church Administrator and the Director of Kid's Life Ministry. They both also serve as facilitators and facilitator coaches of our Relational Discipleship Circles (small groups).

Reese and Caitlin Webb

Associate Pastor and Director of Graphics & Media

Associate Pastor Reese and his wife, Caitlin are our Youth Pastors, leading our Youth Life program which includes youth from 6th through 12th grade. Caitlin also oversees our media aspects including our website, social media, PLC App, Sunday morning production and brand management. Reese is also leader of our Usher team and they both also serve as facilitators and facilitator coaches of our Relational Discipleship Circles (small groups).

Chris Wirth

Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor Chris is our Discipleship Pastor and is responsible for guiding and equipping members to develop and live in relationships of full discipleship. Pastor Chris is also the Director of Pursue Life School of Ministry and facilitates and is a facilitator coach of our Relational Discipleship Circles (small groups).

Stephen and Jamie Stabler

Associate Pastors

Associate Pastors Stephen and Jamie are our Pastoral Care Pastors and they provide pastoral care by being available for those in need of prayer and spiritual, emotional and social support. They oversee our Community Care team and both serve as facilitators and facilitator coaches to our Relational Discipleship Circles (small groups). Both Pastor Stephen and Pastor Jamie also serve as members of our Worship team, regularly singing on Sunday mornings. Pastor Stephen also serves as the leader of our Prayer Team.

Brian and Autumn Simmons

Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor Brian is our Worship Pastor and leads our worship team as well as Sunday morning worship. His wife, Autumn is the leader of our First Responders team and also serves on our Kids Life team.

Crystal and Drew Waters

Women's Ministry

Crystal leads our Women's Ministry. Her role includes guiding the Women of Pursue Life and organizing group outings, events and retreats. Her husband, Drew is an Elder for Pursue Life.

Judy Birmann

Director of Hope for the Homeless

Judy has a heart for the Homeless and the hurting in our local community. She oversees our homeless ministry to ensure those in need receive care and encouragement.

Tara and Jeramey Rogers

Director of Outreach

Tara oversees our outreach by searching for and identifying ways Pursue Life can make an impact on our local community. She organizes events and works closely with our Random Acts Of Kindness and Homeless ministries. Her husband, Jeramey attends Pursue Life and assists Tara with community outreach.

Board of Trustees

This is our board of trustees who help with oversight of the church and and serve as a pastoral advisory board.

Jeffrey Joyner  –  Chris Ard  –  Shannon Cooper

Board of Elders

This is our board of elders who help advise the direction of the church, facilitate vision and our culture.

Lamar Martin  –  Don Wilson  –  Andrew Waters